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The BMX Freestyle Team, LLC is a CAPTA Approved Vendor

Show Type # 1 

School Assemblies

Flatland-Ground Show Only Start at $1,475

Complete 3-Ramp Setup / Show Start at $1,775

20 Minute Set Up Time

*Additional Assemblies $575 Per Assembly / Same School / Same Day

*These assemblies can also be performed indoors when weather does not permit an outdoor show.

*These BMX Assemblies requires a smooth flat ground surface.

*Performance Show Area / Footprint :  40 X 120

Flatland Ground & Ramp Assemblies


Show Type # 2

Special Events, Fairs & Festivals 

Fairs & Festivals Start at $2,475   3 Day Minimum 

Community & Special Events Start at $2,875  

Extreme 3 Ramp Set Up

State Of the Art / 20 Minute Setup 

*This Show is performed on our Mobile 1/4 Pipe & Box Jump Setup. 
*It’s our Most Popular & Complete BMX Freestyle Stunt Show, Guaranteed!
*Performance Show Area / Footprint:
Min – 90′ X 20′     Max – 40 X 120′

Show Type # 3

Call or Email us for Specific Details & Pricing or (714) 227-5906
Mega 1/2 Pipe & Box Jump Show / 2-3 Hour Setup

*This is one of our Most Exciting show packages we offer. It’s mostly catered to Corporate and long term events.

*Show Length from 5 minutes to 1 hour long.

*Footprint Performance:  Min – 25′ X 50′  Max – 40′ X 120′

The Best in Educational BMX School Assemblies

BMX School Assembly Setup Area / Footprint 40′ x 120′
(Chairs are Optional for Schools)


This is what our BMX Assembly Layout will look like.
We Typically Recommend up to 500 Students Per Assembly
Any Additional Assemblies are only $575 Per Assembly / Same Day

We Feature Some of Today’s Top Action Sports Athletes

Hassle Free Booking & Scheduling

Show Package # 1 

School Assemblies Start at $1,475 for our Flatland / Ground Assembly / No Ramps
Extreme 3 Ramp Setup-(Our Most Complete & Popular Assembly) Start at $1,775 

Any Additional Assembly = $575 Per Assembly / Same Location

Teams / Setups are Based in
*Corona, CA *Fremont, CA *Orlando, FL *Dallas, TX *Indianapolis, IN *New York, NY *Phoenix, AZ.
Additional Fees may apply depending on Location / City / Time of the year of booking.

Choose any of these Messages for your BMX School Assembly

* Promoting Healthy Social Environments / All New Theme

* Anti-Bullying BMX Assemblies

Character Building

The Importance of Education

* Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco Awareness

Bike Safety

Helmet Law Regulations

Rules of the Road

Hand Signals for Kids Safety

Healthy Lifestyles Choices

* Red Ribbon Week Assemblies


  Robert Castillo’s BMX Freestyle Stunt Show is one of the best ways to capture a students attention at a school assembly. We feature some of the best BMX professional riders in the world! Our BMX stunt show will entertain & educate an entire school with strong & positive messages that have been proven to work! These messages will help the Youth of America make better choices for situations that sometimes can be tough for them to decide on their own. Make sure to ask about our All New Theme on Promoting Healthy Social Environments. Our goal is to go past & beyond your expectations. Don’t miss out on doing something healthy, fun, exciting, positive and life changing for your students future!

“Robert Castillo’s BMX Freestyle Show was a Huge Success! The kids were so thrilled to see the stunts performed live. The company was wonderful to work with & we have already re-booked them for this upcoming year as well”
-Maddie Bowers – PTA Vice President / Lincoln Elementary Torrance, Ca-

Show Package # 2

Fairs & Festivals Start at *$2,475  *3 Day Minimum
Community & Special Events Start at $2,875
The BMX Freestyle Team can perform a Show Anywhere, Anytime, indoors & outdoors(Excluding Rain). We have been one of the most Affective Marketing tools ever used to entertain, promote and educate thousands of people Worldwide. Companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nike, AT&T, GT Bicycles, Cisco Communications & many others have utilized the BMX Freestyle Team to get peoples attention & promote many things including healthy lifestyles for kids!
“From start to finish, hands down the Most Professional group to work with”
 -Katherine Ransom – Marketing Director / United Way Orange County-

Show Package # 3 

Corporate & Sporting Events
Call for Specific Details & Pricing  714-227-5906
This show package is our most exclusive production. It requires a few more details & catered specific to our customers needs. Trust the BMX Freestyle Team in providing you a 100% Turnkey Production. We have nearly 30 years of experience in putting on every type of corporate & sporting event. We will make this High Energy BMX Stunt Spectacle an easy Show to put on, Anywhere, Anytime! 
 “Just like our Warriors the BMX Freestyle Team brought our fans to their feet”

-Marco Nicola – Game Operations / NBA World Champions-Golden State Warriors- 


“The Best Decision I made for CISCO COMMUNICATIONS was hiring the BMX Freestyle Team”

-Fred Tallasken / Kaboom Entertainment Inc-


All Show Packages Include:

* 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Turnkey Operation

Complete PA Sound System

2000 Watt Power Generator

Cones to Barricade Area

Complete Setup & Teardown

Powerful Messages that target Schools & City Organizations

Any Rehearsals, Staging & Complete Production layout for any Event

* COI Liability Insurance – $2Million Per Occurrence with a $3,000,000 General Aggregate

Free Giveaways & Prizes for Purchase 


Note: We Cater to every Venue’s Specific Needs regarding any Show Packages.     

All Equipment is designed to protect any type of floor for Schools / Gyms / Arenas incase of weather restrictions.        

Based in Southern & Northern California

Servicing Shows out of San Diego, Ca. Los Angeles, Ca. & San Francisco, Ca.

Simplicity is Key!

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