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        We Host & Bring The Best Riders & Equipment To Every Event  

                      Team USA/Olympic Hopefuls  *  X-Games Medalist  *  Nitro Circus Performers  *  World Class Riders

100% Self Contained State Of The Art Equipment


When Do You Arrive? 

We arrive at least 1-Hour prior to the start of the BMX assembly.


How Long is The Assembly?

40-45 Minutes From Start to Finish – We can adjust the assembly time frame to meet your needs.


How Long Does Setup & Teardown Take?

Approximately 20 Minutes for each.


How Many Students Can You Perform For?

Small or Large Groups Are Welcomed. Typically 500 students per assembly works great but we can have as many as 800 students. We offer additional assemblies at only $575 per assembly. We want to give every student that VIP Experience, so again 500 students per assembly is perfect.


Do You Need Anything From Us?

NO, we are fully 100% self-contained! Our equipment is state of the art and includes a 3-ramp setup, pro surround sound system, wireless mic, generator for power, table, chairs, cones to mark off our show area, free giveaways & a leaf blower to help clear show area before our performance.


How Easy Is It to Seat The Kids?

With the experience of our show team members, it’s an easy process along with the help of everyone involved. Seating the students takes about 7-10 minutes. No need to customize students seating arrangements.  We can collaborate with you to ensure it’s safe and easy for your students. We understand every school has different scenarios but we have done them all so we will make this process easy. If you have any concerns simply take pictures or video of the show/ground area and text it to us at 714-227-5906.


Can I Include Different Messages?

YES, we cater to every school depending on their needs and can Change/Add/Revise any message even minutes prior to the BMX assembly. Typically every show we include 5 Different Topics that pertain to Bike Safety/Helmet Law Regulations, Importance of Education, Healthy Lifestyles & Creating Good Habits. Just let us know if there is a theme you would like to focus on, and we’ll make that adjustment.


Anything Else I Need To Know?

Yes, remember to leave the worries to us as we do this over 300 times a year for schools nationwide! We are very flexible with not only the business end of things but we also come well prepared for the assembly logistics, setup, performance, messages and last minute changes. Our Team Roster consist of some of the BEST Action Sports Athletes in the World and Safety is our #1 Priority. Our team riders perform only under the best and safest conditions and will ultimately be responsible for setup, show layout, performance and any details to make our BMX school assembly a complete success! 


When is Payment Due?

Payment is typically due the day of the BMX assembly. We understand that every school & district is different so we will work with you on the payment process. Typically we get paid by Check but we also accept PO’s, Zelle & Credit Card+(4% Fee). We very much appreciate if payment can be ready at the end of the assembly unless other arrangements have been made.


What Happens If It Rains?

We Simply Reschedule with NO Cancellation Fees! We do our best to make our BMX Assembly happen. It’s not typical that we have to cancel due to rain or high winds but we watch the weather forecast carefully and try to make a call days prior sometimes even the day before. We can easily and safely setup indoors If you have an indoor Facility/Gym without any damage to the flooring. If not then no worries we will reschedule for another date that works for both parties. 



With our experience and reputation your school is guaranteed a Fun & Educational BMX Assembly! Education through entertainment is simplified in every performance. We pride ourselves in providing the most professional BMX stunt show programs in the nation! 

“Go with the Most Trusted & Experienced BMX Assembly Show Company

-Erin Williams/PTA President Todd Elementary, Corona, CA.-



Other Helpful Information:

1. Video & Photography are welcomed during our BMX Assembly. 

2. Students can sit on the ground or they can bring chairs especially during the warmer time of the year.

3. If you book more than 1 assembly. We need at least 1 hour between from the start of each assembly.

      Example: If the 1st assembly starts at 8am the 2nd assembly can start as soon as 9am.

To Ensure Your Booking:

1. Email Us to Book & Receive our Assembly info:  Robert@BmxFreestyleTeam.com

2. Make sure to get our BMX Assembly Board or District Approved.

3. Good Communication is Key for a Hassle Free Booking.

4. For Quick Questions please feel free to Text us at 714-227-5906

This is the Fastest & Easiest way to Book our BMX Freestyle Assembly, Guaranteed! 


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      BMX Freestyle Assembly Area Footprint – 40′ X 120′

BMX Freestyle Team, LLC is a CAPTA Approved Vendor

Contact: Robert Castillo / Owner    Business / Cell: 714-227-5906    Email: Robert@BmxFreestyleTeam.com



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