Covid-19 Safety Guidelines for Arrival & Setup 

One of the Best & Safest things you can do for your next School Assembly or Special Event during Covid-19
Linda Corbell / 2019 FCCLA Spirit of Advising Award
  • Prior to arrival we will call in ahead of time for check in. So no need to walk into the office to show ID or acknowledge our arrival.
  • If the School/Venue is enclosed or gated we will meet at entrance with a custodian or staff member to avoid touching anything.
  • No Volunteers will be used nor needed for our show.
  • We can replace doing high fives with the students with the popular “Wave” that is done in most sports venues/arenas.
  • The FREE Posters & Autograph cards that we include in every show can be signed & mailed ahead of time or delivered the day of performance.
  • Riders will be wearing mask when entering grounds and setting up equipment.
  • We can add an additional 6-10 feet on each side of the show area for safer & further social distancing.
  • We can include our New Theme “Promoting Healthy Social Environments”.
  • We are 100% self contained with our own sound system and generator, so no need to plug into anything at your School/Venue.
  • ALL of our equipment will be handled only by the Team Riders from Start to Finish without using or touching anything on school grounds.
  • Prior to performance we will use our microphone to direct the students for Seating & Social Distancing during the performance
  • One of the Best & Safest things you can do for your students during the Pandemic.
  • We now offer Virtual Performances as well and can set up a private Zoom Account for your students to watch us live!


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