Equipment Rental

IMG_0089Our State of the Art Equipment can be catered to fit into any event. We have experience with Hollywood sets, Commercials, Corporate Events, Sporting Events, City Organizations & School Assemblies… We can bring in our own equipment or have custom ramps built to your specific needs. We are a 1 Stop Shop when it comes to Extreme Freestyle Stunt Shows, Ramp Rentals, Promotional Events, Productions & much much more!!


We have equipment specifically designed for….

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*BMX Freestyle & SK8board

IMG_1195 IMG_1110  IMG_4613 IMG_5579 


*FMX-Freestyle Motor Cross

IMG_1968 IMG_1967 IMG_1971 IMG_2324 IMG_1993 IMG_2291


*Globe of Death

IMG_0781 IMG_0782


*Here’s a a video commercial shoot featuring one of our rentals.                                                                                              Nimble Storage CTO Daredevil Jump​: 


*Please call for details or submit ideas to our email address below:

  Contact: Robert Castillo    Business/Cell: 714-227-5906    Email: